Meet The Man Behind The Windows

About Us

Jeff Likes began his career in window washing while living in Lake Tahoe working with the largest window washing company in the area and honing his skills by working on some of the grandest estates around the lake.  After two years, he took his developed skillset and moved down the mountain, settling in the Davis area in 2007.  It was then that Jeff began the truly hard but rewarding journey of starting his own business.

Every small business starts with a dedication to treating each customer as if they are the only one. Nearly ten years later, this philosophy is no longer just good business practice but rather the cornerstone of the Jeff Likes Clean Windows business model.

Window washing is an intimate service. It involves allowing a team in and out of your home and access to every window. Jeff takes this responsibility very seriously. His team is accountable and courteous. He knows that for a service like this you do not want a crew of strangers moving from room to room hurriedly finishing their work. You want a team of people who treat your home the way they would treat their own; who work diligently but carefully.

But that’s enough about us, we want to know about you!