We understand how important our state's resources are, and we are committed to preserving them

Our Dedication To Environmental Awareness

Jeff Likes is hard at work every day, but on Fridays, Jeff indulges in a small tradition. In the early hours of the morning he meets with a group of friends and local farmers at a small café to catch up, drink coffee and swap stories. Jeff and his wife, Meaghan, have dreams of one day owning a small farm of their own.

As a friend of the local agriculture and an active steward of its sustainability, Jeff Likes understands the importance of our local resources- specifically water. Additionally, he understands the role that his job plays in the use of that resource. For this reason, Jeff Likes Clean Windows makes it one of their primary objectives to not only perform their work to the best of their abilities but to also see that any water used in the process is not wasted.

Due to the severe drought in California, we have changed the way we offer services.  We have successfully limited our water usage while washing windows to less than a gallon of water per job. Both windows and gutters are cleaned using a minimal amount of water, we use only environmentally-friendly soaps, and when we are finished- we pour the extra water into the flowerbeds. We believe that a job well-done does not have to come at the expense of our most precious resource.

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