Frequently Asked Questions

Do you open each window to clean the sills & tracks?

Yes, we open each and every one of your windows, remove your screens and clean the area around the window, including freeing it of any pesty cobwebs.

Do you clean the screens?

We understand that there is absolutely no point in having clean glass with dirty screens.  That's why we wash and scrub each individual screen with care, leaving them glistening just like your windows.

Are you insured? 

While we try our best to respect and protect your home & windows.  We understand that accidents can happen, and you as the homeowner should be protected.  Luckily we've never had a claim (knock on wood) but we are fully insured (up to 2 million dollars) just in case.  We'd be happy to provide certificates of liability for personal liability and workmans compensation upon request.

What is the difference between professional window cleaning and a standard maid service?

Many housekeepers use regular household glass cleaning solution and a paper towel to clean the insides of windows.  While this seems like a reasonable solution, it really creates more problems than it solves.  Traditional paper towels, while soft to the touch, are actually made of abrasive fibers which will actually scratch your windows after repeated use.  Not only that, but the paper towels themselves can create a static charge on your window surfaces and that attracts even more dirt.  We use microfiber towels to prevent static and scratching.  Jeff and his team only use the highest quality green professional window cleaning products and our techniques are tried and true.

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