Hiring High Rise Window Cleaning Specialists

Hiring High Rise Window Cleaning Specialists

Hiring a high-rise window cleaning specialist requires a high level of expertise and safety equipment. The job is extremely dangerous, and the employees must undergo extensive training before being allowed to perform the job. There are also strict insurance policies in place for high rise window cleaning specialists. Because of this high risk of injury, most high-rise window cleaning specialists in NYC do not use stage scaffolding equipment. This equipment can easily be blown against the building and cause damage to the workers. Learn more.


High rise window cleaning is a challenging job that requires specific training and specialized equipment. In addition to the proper equipment, high rise window cleaners must also know how to safely access the windows and avoid damage to equipment. If you don’t have the time to clean the windows yourself, hiring a high rise window cleaning service will save you both time and money.

High rise window cleaning can be dangerous, but fortunately, fatalities are rare in the industry. Choosing a professional service provider who is trained in this specialty will keep your company and yourself safe.

Safety equipment

Professionals working in high-rise buildings need the right safety equipment to keep them safe. In addition to safety harnesses and helmets, high rise window cleaners need various tools to clean the windows. One of the most important tools for high rise window cleaning is a moveable platform that provides a stable work area. This platform is lowered using a pulley system that lowers it each time the window cleaning professional reaches a new floor.

As with any profession, high rise window cleaning is dangerous and requires thorough training and safety equipment. The main hazard for high-rise window cleaners is falling, which can cause serious injury or death. Another danger is getting electrocuted from live wires. In addition, high-rise window cleaners are at risk for getting trapped between the window frame and the window. To mitigate these risks, high-rise window cleaners must wear the proper safety gear, follow safety procedures, and be aware of their surroundings at all times.


The cost of hiring high rise window cleaning specialists depends on a number of factors. The type of building, the number of windows, and the time required to clean them all will determine the cost. Many companies charge by the hour, but others will offer a percentage of the day’s takings.

Cost per window varies greatly, and varies from $8 to $40 depending on the size and design of the window. Windows on the third or fourth floors cost around $3 to $5 more than those on lower floors. In addition, a higher price is required for windows with complicated designs, because they must be cleaned from a lift or ladder.

In addition to the cost per window, companies charge for each additional story that the windows are in. This means the cost of a third-story window can be as much as $50. Some companies also charge per hour, so high-rise window cleaning specialists may have a limit as to how many stories they clean.


High rise window cleaning is a routine process that requires regular attention. This service can help building owners maintain the appearance of their high-rise buildings all year round. However, there are certain factors to consider before hiring a high rise window cleaning specialist. One of these factors is the location of the building. In a high-traffic area, dirt and pollution can accumulate on windows. This can be especially problematic in industrial settings, where chemicals are released into the air. Depending on the amount of traffic, window cleaning may be required once or twice a month.

High-rise window cleaning specialists must be well-versed with cleaning high-rise buildings. They must be aware of the unique properties of these structures and use safe cleaning solutions to ensure the safety of their workers and the integrity of the windows. The pricing for high-rise window cleaning services depends on several factors, including the size of the building, accessibility, risk, and number of windows.


In order to work safely in high-rise buildings, high-rise window washers must have specific training and certification. These workers are typically certified through the International Window Cleaning Association. While not required, many companies will only hire high-rise window washers if they have been through the necessary safety training.

Qualified high-rise window cleaners also understand how to maintain the exterior and interior surfaces of a building. This includes the façade, building envelope, and window casings and seals. In addition, they have to be able to notice rusty or faded paint. These cleaning specialists also know how to repair chips or cracks in high-rise windows.

High-rise window cleaning specialists use specialized equipment to clean windows in high-rise buildings. They are also well-trained and are required to stay up to date on the latest high-rise safety procedures. These window cleaners reduce workplace accidents and ensure a safe work environment. Browse next article.

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