How to Start a Commercial Window Washing Company

How to Start a Commercial Window Washing Company

If you’re considering starting your own commercial window washing business, there are several important steps you need to take. First, you need to register your business. According to the Small Business Administration, there are 30.7 million small businesses in the United States. If you want to operate legally, you must register your window washing business with the state in which you plan to work. Also, make sure that your business name is available and unique. A great post!

Cost of hiring a commercial window washing company

The price of hiring a commercial window washing company depends on the size and type of your windows. Single-hung windows usually have two panes, but storm options may have four panes or more. The cost of washing a single window can range from $8 to $40. Prices for windows on third or fourth floors are generally higher than those on lower floors, as they require a ladder or lift. Also, windows with intricate designs cost more to clean.

Choosing the company that best fits your needs is also important. Many window cleaning companies offer to clean both the inside and the outside of windows, and will provide a quote that includes both. Some companies offer a discount if you hire them for a recurring clean. Others can also offer you a package deal with other services, like power washing and gutter cleaning. Before making your final decision, make sure you read reviews and testimonials for each window washing company you’re considering. A reputable company should have a proven record of quality work.

When hiring a commercial window washing company, be sure to negotiate with them how often they will clean your windows. Ideally, they will come to your building twice a year, but you can negotiate the frequency with them.

Types of equipment used by window washers

Commercial window washers use a variety of different types of equipment to clean windows. A bosun’s chair, for example, is a one-person platform that is designed to hold a bucket and cleaning solution. This type of equipment is useful for cleaning large windows.

These tools can be purchased at your local hardware store. They range in price, but the initial investment is relatively low compared to many other cleaning jobs. Some window cleaners simply use towels to clean windows, but this leaves streaks. The best tool for a streak-free finish is a squeegee. This type of tool uses a grip to guide the blade over the window.

There are several different types of scaffolding used by window cleaners. Fixed scaffolds are used on lower floors, while movable platforms are used on buildings that have several stories. Supported scaffolding is a temporary platform that sits on the lower surface, while suspended scaffolding hangs from the top. The worker can manually raise and lower the platform or use a motor to lift and lower it.

Insurance requirements for window cleaning business

When you own your own window cleaning business, you need to have a variety of different insurance policies to protect you and your employees. These policies cover everything from property damage and injuries to lost income. They also provide financial support in the event of a loss. With the right policy, you can feel confident in your decisions and be protected in the event of an incident.

In addition to general liability insurance, you should also have workers’ compensation coverage. This type of coverage protects your business against lawsuits brought by an employee or a third party. It covers medical costs, loss of income, and disability payments for injured workers. This is a legal requirement for businesses that have employees. It also helps protect you from losing money if you hire non-owner employees. It’s a good idea to look for an insurance policy with both types of coverage so you’re protected if an employee gets hurt on the job.

General liability insurance is an important part of your window cleaning business insurance coverage. It will help cover damages caused by accident or theft. It will also cover your tools and business equipment. If your business is damaged or destroyed due to a calamity, this insurance will cover the losses and replace them.

Prices charged by window washers

Pricing a window cleaning service is an important decision. You should be able to offer a range of services and prices. For example, the price of a residential window cleaning service might be $200, but you may charge more for large-scale projects. In such cases, you may charge extra for the use of ladders and other equipment and safety equipment. Also, you should consider whether you will offer window washing services inside buildings or only outside. Many clients are concerned with their budgets, so a la carte pricing system may be the way to go.

Residential window cleaning is generally done once or twice a year. You can negotiate for discounts if you have a high volume of windows to clean. For example, you can ask a window cleaner to clean all of your windows every six months, instead of every three. Click here to see more information.

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