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Cleaning Your Solar Panels Can Boost Your Energy Output

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint. And while the panels may not require much maintenance, they perform better when property owners show them a little love.

Under normal circumstances, regular rainfalls should prevent dirt and dust from building up on your solar panels. But that’s little help for Californians facing an ongoing drought. Instead, communities across Solano County have to deal with extra issues, such as ash from wildfires. As a result, solar panels gradually become coated with filth that can dramatically reduce their effectiveness.

Studies have found cleaning your solar panels can improve their energy production by up to 30%. Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters can help you achieve that peak efficiency. We have the tools and training to safely reach and clean your solar panels without damaging them. Whether you have panels on your roof or elsewhere on your property, we’ll make sure they’re clean and catching all the rays they can.

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Improve Aesthetics

No matter when your solar panels are installed, dust, pollen, dirt, and bird droppings will quickly accumulate on the surface of them before you know it. When that happens, the appearance of your panels will quickly diminish. Thankfully, by relying on Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters for solar panel cleaning in Yolo and Solano County, you can count on us to remove these unsightly buildups, allowing your solar panels to regain their original sleek and clean appearance.

Sustainable Protection

Regular solar panel cleaning services from our team ensure optimal performance and increase the longevity of your solar installation. Our cleaning services are designed to remove the harmful dirt, pollen, dust, bird droppings, and grime that scratches and damages your solar panel’s surface, reducing their protection and lowering their efficiency. Simply put, make sure your solar panels are fully protected from exterior elements with our help!

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Increased Production

Cleaning services offer instant protection for your solar panels! By removing harmful buildups and growths, you can quickly maintain your panel’s optimal performance, ensuring that the panels can absorb maximum sunlight and generate electricity efficiently. Plus, by cleaning your solar panels, our experts can help identify any issues or damage on the panels early on, allowing for timely repairs or maintenance.

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The Simple Power of a Good Solar Cleaning

If you’re ready to let your solar panels shine, reach out to Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters. Our friendly staff has the know-how and tools to remove the grime that may be holding your solar panels back. Book an appointment through our website or contact us over the phone at 530.220.4569.
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Solar Panel Cleaning in Davis CA

Jeff Likes cleaned our windows inside and out and did solar panel cleaning. They were very professional and did an incredible job. I highly recommend using them.

Eric Wayland
Review 13

Solar Panel Cleaning in Davis

Technicians from Jeff Likes Clean Windows spent the entire day at my house cleaning windows inside and out, screens, gutters, roof and solar panels. They arrived (masked) promptly at 8am and did not leave until after 4, after having reviewed everything with me. Everything is spotless!! They did an excellent solar panel cleaning job, I would highly recommend.

Abbie Morrison

Review 14

Solar Panel Cleaning Davis CA

We used Jeff Likes to clean our windows (inside and outside), the gutters, and our rooftop solar panels. The team was punctual, polite, and professional. They did a great solar panel cleaning job!

Felisa Yang

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Solar Panel Cleaning FAQs

There are plenty of benefits to professionally cleaning your solar panels, including preventing long-term damage, optimizing their performance, and improving their aesthetics. If you’d like to take advantage of these benefits and protect your investment, reach out to our team to schedule solar panel cleaning in Yolo and Solano County. 

No, professionally cleaning your solar panels will not damage them. In fact, not cleaning your panels can actually damage them. Our team is well-equipped with the required tools and cleaners to safely remove any damaging substances from your panels before major destruction occurs. 

At Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters, we encourage solar panel owners to rely on a team of professionals to clean them. Most homeowners don’t have the right tools and equipment to accurately and safely clean expensive solar panels, so protect your investment and yourself by choosing the right team for the job.

Yes, our team at Jeff Likes Clean Windows & Gutters has experience in cleaning all types of solar panels, including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film ones. We understand the cleaning requirements for each and adjust our services accordingly so your panels get the right cleaning services they need.

The time it takes to clean your solar panels vary from project to project because of the size of the panels, the type of panel, and how dirty they are. Most of our solar panel cleaning projects take a few hours to complete, but we encourage you to reach out to our team for a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

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